mineral soil

by shawn shine

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see you soon


released July 30, 2012

thanks bootstrings for letting us use your equipment and apartment



all rights reserved


shawn shine Oakland, California

boots, coffee, a pick mattock, the moon, the sun, mud, a pocket knife, hugs, and a paintbrush.

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Track Name: still aint changin'
well i reckon it's been long enough, where you don't know whether or not i've been struck by lightnin'
i'll tell you i have over again,
through every bone in my body,

the end of the world will be sung among reunited friends.

well i hear they are raisin' the postage again,
but they still aint changin' the chords, still aint changin' the fret board.

the revolution will be sung among reunited friends.
Track Name: big creek (featuring bootstrings)
one of these days where you get to decide the weather,
i wanted to come home to you so i did in this letter.

pitch in the stitches snow falls on the saw,
don't make much difference still got to cut through this well rested log.

we called him big creek , though we knew he was a river bed,
at any given moment he's always widening, he's always narrowin'

pinin' for you while yer in them pines,
pinin' for you while i'm in these pines,
gettin' used to the lacks of the likes of you,
but i'm not going to.

one of these days where you get to decide the weather,
one of these lifetimes where we get to decide the weather.
Track Name: solid ground (featuring lars bjarke)
you're prayin' to the heavens for some solid ground,
time is of your essence but you don't stop to look around.

spirit's calling on us. you're spirit's calling on you.
spirit's called on us, to laugh, play, and sing.

perforation. arterial bleed.
another simulation, is that really what you need?